Welcome to Kingman AirFest Fly-in and Open House

B-17 Flying Fortress - $5,000


Sentimental Journey represents one of the few WWII heavy bombers of its kind to be actively flying in the world today. This timeless symbol of American military and industrial might is always a star attraction and priceless piece of history. The CAF will be making the aircraft available for ground tours and flights at the AirFest on Saturday the 19th as well as on the day before and the day after.

AH-1 Cobra - $3,000


Introduced during the Vietnam War, this agile and powerful helicopter gunship set the standard for all attack helicopters to follow.  Brought to us 

by the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, this awesome machine will be available for ground tours as well as thrilling flight experiences.

P-51 Mustang - $5,000


The iconic American WWII fighter that still symbolizes power and performance. It has proven itself in combat and air racing as one of most successful aircraft ever built. Even 75 years after its introduction, it remains one of the most recognized and sought after aircraft in the 

world. It has a second seat added to be able to provide lucky passengers the ride of a lifetime.

C-47 Dakota - $2,500


The legendary “Skytrain” and workhorse transport for the allied forces throughout WWII. The C-47 is most famous for delivering thousands of airborne troops in the early hours of the D-Day invasion of occupied France. This aircraft pays tribute to the courageous participants in these perilous missions. Flight experiences are available.

P-63 King Cobra - $4,000


This innovative mid-engine WWII fighter incorporated many unusual design features including a powerful 37mm canon that fired through the center of the propeller. This rare aircraft is one of only 4 examples flying in the world today out of the 3,000 produced.

Some of these served at Kingman Army Airfield as part of the secret “Operation Pinball” gunnery training program.

T-6 Texan - $1,000


Advanced trainer and “the pilot maker” for almost all pilots of the allied air forces during WWII, the Texan is a true classic with its radial engine looks and sound. 

These were used extensively for aerial gunnery training including at Kingman Army Airfield.